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As someone who has always been completely immersed in the world of fashion and lifestyle blogging (sometimes for work but mostly for fun), I find myself spending lots of time daydreaming about what I would do if I had my own blog. I thought about what I would wear and where I’d like to shoot. I knew I’d always want it to be colourful, I’d want all the images to look a bit cinematic and dreamy – a bit like how I see things in my head.

There are a handful of blogs that I’m completely obsessed with.

Side note: I have a bit of an obsessive personality and I don’t just like things – I LOVE them. If I like a song I’ll play it on repeat for 3 weeks; if I like a scene from a film, I’ll watch it every night before I go to sleep until I can re-enact it word for word (e.g. the crying scene in When Harry Met Sally, the aeroplane scene in Bridesmaids, every single Margot scene from The Royal Tenenbaums), if I like a hairstyle I’ll run with it for months on end until I get bored. You get the picture.

The blogs I love are written by proper content creators: people who, through what they wear, where they go, the words they use and the photos they take, have managed to create a beautiful little world for us to escape to.

I decided to stop daydreaming about my fantasy blog and start trying things out.

I hope you enjoy my little experiment. 

(Sunglasses - ASOS, Top - ASOS, Skirt - Zara (similar here), Trainers - Keds, Bag - The Cambridge Satchel Company)


The place: We knew we wanted to shoot in Notting Hill and we actually went in search of THAT baby blue VW camper van that is always parked on the same street behind the station (optimistic, I know). On my way, I saw this building and fell in love. It doesn’t really look like a real place, I thought it looked like something I’d dream up. It was all locked up and on a really quiet little side street – you wouldn’t know it was there unless someone told you. I’ve created a little story in my head about what I think happens inside The Dreamtime Gallery. I don’t want to google it and ruin it for myself, so we’ll just leave it at that. 


The day: A Sunday spent with my ex work wife and top chum Kim. She runs her own little corner of the internet (Love Cloth Blog) and she’s very brilliant at what she does. I’m an amateur photographer but a few hours with Kim always leaves me feeling really inspired and I suddenly understand a lot more about taking photographs.  

The look: I feel most like myself in outfits like this. A-line skirts make up the majority of my ‘bottom half’ wardrobe, I’d say it’s 45% A-line skirts + 45% high-waisted jeans + 10% things I’ve tried out but always end up going back to A-line skirts and high-waisted jeans.

The top: I panic bought this along with lots of other summer clothes from Asos about 36 hours before I went on holiday. Thank goodness for Asos Premier. I love this top, I love that it looks like a rainbow and I love that I feel like I’m in That 70s Show when I wear it. It also looks great with super high waisted jeans and my silver boots when I’m going out.

The skirt: I bought this on holiday in the Zara sale. I already have it in pink and when I saw the blue one reduced, it was kind of a no-brainer. It’s a little longer than most of my skirts but it’s very work-appropriate and even when you pair it with cropped tees, it never feels too skimpy. 

The necktie: This is 100% a phase I’m going through. I try a necktie on with pretty much every outfit before I leave the house at the moment. Sometimes it works, sometimes it looks ridiculous but I will always try, just in case.

The bag: I work for The Cambridge Satchel Company and this is their brand new style: The Mini Poppy. We were shown a sample of this bag in a meeting about 8 months ago and I’ve been waiting for it to launch ever since. I love the vintage, Doctor’s Bag shape but also that it comes in really modern, fresh pastel colours. 

The sunglasses: I think everyone needs a pair of serious sunglasses and a pair of fun sunglasses. These are my fun ones. I potentially look a bit like Elton John/Dame Edna but I think I’m okay with that.

The shoes: I went to Dirty Dancing Secret Cinema last weekend and completely missed the memo about wearing flat shoes. I wore these Kurt Geiger nude pink block heeled shoes with an ankle strap because they looked cute with my dress. As we walked into the venue, I saw a stall selling Keds trainers. I rolled my eyes and said “who’s going to buy trainers at Secret Cinema?” Two hours later after A LOT of dirty dancing in the staff quarters, I was queuing up at the Keds stall, praying they had a size 6 left in the white pumps. I’ve worn them loads since then. Mostly to prove to myself that I can still make good choices after six Pina Coladas and with really sore feet. 

Sarah x



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